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Required Exams To Become a Psychologist

Psychology is a beautiful profession by all standards. It gives you opportunity to touch lives and impact them positively. You will be able to help someone who is emotionally down and help the mentally sick. The end point of bringing people out of emotional trauma gives joy and fulfillment in this profession.

Not all illnesses require the use of drugs as it is done in many of the hospitals. Some sicknesses only require the expertise of a psychologist and the patient will regain full health without the use of drugs.

However, you must learn and sit for exams before you can become a los angeles psychologist. This reality obtains in every part of the world too. You must sit for some examinations and qualify for some certifications before you can ever live your dreams as a psychologist.

How to build for the future

Firstly, you must have science background from your high school. You are expected to pass the basic science subjects like chemistry, physics and biology. After this, you are expected to pursue a course of study or a degree course in psychology. When you are through with schooling, you are expected to obtain certification or licensing. The psychologist los angeles is expected to sit for certain professional examinations in order to qualify for these certifications and licensing. The psychologist is required to go for residency or internship for up to a year and it can be more sometimes. The internship is usually supervised by senior psychologists.

Other qualifying examinations

The psychologist los angeles ca is required to go for further studies after the initial degree program if he is to progress in the profession. The first degree certificate in psychology can only give the profession a limited employment opportunity. The further studies chosen by the psychologist is largely determined by the aspect in which he loves to specialize. He can decide to go into child psychology or forensic psychology. If he wants to rise higher in the profession, he is required to go for doctorate degree. He can go into research or clinical psychology.


After graduating as a forensic or child psychologist los angeles, the professional is expected to sit for certain competency examinations. Some of the competency examinations include computer skill competence test and technical competence test. Every field of human endeavor is computerized these days and the best way to deal with present day problems is with adequate computer skill. The psychologist is not counted worthy to take on present-day problems without sound computer skill.